You will never experience life as being any fuller You will never experience joy being any greater You will never experience love being any greater As you will when you grieve. For with grief comes a wonderful reminder Of how full your life was, of how great your joy was, Of the greatness of the … Continue reading Grief


Life is to float on an ocean of emotions.  Lifted by waves of love and joy so gentle as to be almost nonexistent.  Tossed  by storms of fear, sorrow, and rage, one must struggle to stay afloat.  To live is to go into the water, to existence is to remain on the shore. mr mel

Thinking or Listening

Most spend their time thinking about what they could do instead of listening to what they should be. But there is a voice deep inside that try’s and try’s and try’s. But try as it will, we will not listen still. It will not insist, as it watches us resist, the invitation that is ours to move … Continue reading Thinking or Listening