Enlightenment is simply the awareness that the soul and the ego have become a single entity, a human being, being human.  An entity that’s a part from but a part of all that is. mr mel


Poetry is the voice of all of our ancestors, the common voice that speaks to all. The voice of the soul gives raise to poetry, dark poems, poem of love, poem of nature’s beauty  All express the poets place in time. mr mel

Nature of Diversity

Look to nature to see true diversity. Sun and moon, sky and sea, grass and soil, grain and weed, flowers and thorns.  It is this diversity that is the beauty of nature that we readily accept and celebrate.  Is not being human a part of nature?  By not accepting the diversity of humans we are … Continue reading Nature of Diversity

Building Blocks of Life

Failure builds success.  Sorrow builds joy.  Fear builds strength.  Doubt builds faith.  Loss builds gain. The mortar that holds it all together, Unconditional love. mr mel 


It has been said that “life is a stage and we are all actors”, this may be the cause of so much unhappiness.  Actors assume roles, using scripts that are written by others. These outside influences dictate how their lives should be acted out. It is only through understanding that you become aware of this … Continue reading Acting