Love is Eternal

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There is nothing that can stop my love,  

Not even my passing.

For on a still night I shall whisper into you ear, 

And caress the softness of you soul, 

Then will you know the depth of my love, 

A love that will never let you go.

mr mel

9 thoughts on “Love is Eternal

  1. Oh you are a romantic and a dedicated one at that! I applaud you as good men are hard to come by. Your Mrs is blessed to have you as a spouse🌹! Keep on being the good spouse!


    1. Thank your for your kind and beautiful words Hugs. At times my wonderful wife would question being lucky. But truth is, I know that I am the lucky one. Each morning is a joy for it start another day full of love! 🙏❤️😊❤️


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