Souls and Raindrops



Souls are like raindrops falling from the sky

Some result in destructive floods,

others grow life sustaining crops.

Some shape beautiful majestic valleys others destroy villages and towns.

But all when spent, evaporate and return to their source. 

To fall once again

mr mel

22 thoughts on “Souls and Raindrops

    1. True Will, I just returned after some travel time. On returning I found my account was goofed up and it took time to get it straighten out. I post very couple day and trying to read back issues of post. How is the edit going. Thank you for visiting.👍😉

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      1. Yes same with me! The ones i started my blogging journey with are no longer there and when i was on a break and came back many had left…i tried reaching out as well…but overtime i got new ones…and of course there are few who are still with me from the start and i cherish them a lot! i guess that’s how it works…same like in real life! So we should enjoy this journey as long as we are here together!! 😊

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