4 thoughts on “Rhyme

    1. My dear Hugs, reading your last post it is easy to see why. For me to be able to tell you that it is all worth it would be a fallacy. Only you can do that. It is very hard to smell the roses when you are given so many onions. But when you do, and I’m sure you have, they smell so much sweeter. Concentrate on the roses, look to find them. If those that surround you bring onions do not accept them. I hope you begin to find more roses and accept less onions.❤️❤️❤️

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    2. Dear Hugs,
      As Mr. Mel said so well, onions may sometimes seem to overpower the roses, but the roses are still there, and may they bloom and grow in your life so that with time, you’ll find more joy to rhyme! In the meanwhile … hang in there …

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