Time is neither a friend or foe, the speed dictated by excitement or depression.

Time cares not how you you use it, or lose it.

It feels nothing, no movement, no pain, no sadness.

Time is only a measurement.Β 

When it is gone, how will your time be remembered?

A question, an explanation or a period.

mr mel

35 thoughts on “Time

  1. Time is oft times remembered with mirth or tears. Sometimes sanguine, other times poignant. Time can stand still for those lost. Loved the description of time you gave and it truly says it all.☺

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  2. There is no explanation for who I am … who I was … or who I’ll be. I’m one of a kind and everyone I know is grateful for that fact !!

    I will never come to a period … as I never have been known to stop.

    I do leave many questions in my wake …. What just happened? Why did she say that? What did she mean? How did she think of that? Who knows her well? Where will she go next? Why did she do all that work? Couldn’t she have done that much simpler?

    When will she quit commenting on MY page … sorry, Mel … I got carried away. jan

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    1. Jan, you are every punctuation mark except for the comma. Whether you believe or not you my dear a perfect sentence. ❀️❀️❀️❀️🌹


  3. Bit of a catch twenty-two there. The more engaged you are in the moment, the faster time slips by, but when you are less engaged, the time, though seemingly more abundant, loses it’s value. So it seems to me in any case

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    1. Great comment! I don’t see a catch 22, if you are truly enjoying life time is you friend, it passing is joy filled. No matter how much time you have, if you are not happy, why have it. πŸ‘πŸŒ΅

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