26 thoughts on “Love

  1. Lovely beach photo … just beautiful !!! Yes, I agree … love must be felt … but I also have always said love is a verb … an action word … love is also a two way street. My mother had such trouble before she died. She told her girls she didn’t know what love was. Sadly … I think she did have trouble loving.

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    1. Ah yes, but if not felt there is no action. I think that we all have questions regarding love. We are use to love with limits, love that has requirements. A true unconditional love is an experience not known by all. If we wish to truly know love we must love ourselves unconditionally first. Thank you for visiting Jan.


      1. If love is not felt there is no action. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I understand. I agree we must love ourselves first … the unconditional part is the bugaboo … it is hard to love ourselves … myself … without knowing and pinpointing all my flaws. I think that is a common problem … huh? So if we have trouble loving ourselves unconditionally … can we love others unconditionally? I will ponder this. Thanks for always making me think, Mel. Jan


      2. Jan, the reason we pinpoint our flaw is because it is what we have been subject to. Pointing out people’s flaw is a way of controlling them. When your were a child, if you are like most, hear you can’t doing anything right. We then begin to see ourselves as flawed, then we berated ourselves for our flaws.

        Can you love anyone unconditionally? You can if you understand what unconditional love is. Unfortunately there a very few examples of unconditional love.

        Jan, as a teacher, you may have had students who did not measure up to the others, did this stop you teaching them. This would be a great example of loving unconditionally.

        When you can look at yourself and realize that you were created in perfection, by the greatest example of unconditional love there is, you are coming close to knowing unconditional love.

        Unconditional love has no requirements of you, needs nothing from you, will not judge you, and couldn’t care less if you return that love and loves you just the same. This is unconditional love. Look to examples of this kind of love, this is where you will find unconditional love.



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