9 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. I’m thinking of the Grand Canyon … a vast expanse … a vast hole … a vast space … empty? full? Yes, full of flora, fauna, echoes from years past still bouncing around inside the canyon walls … maybe instead of a vast hole … it’s a vast WHOLE. Hmm … I love the way you make me think beyond the boundaries. Thanks Mel, lovely picture … jan

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  2. This is one I will have to think on. Sometimes it’s neat when your posts go so deep that they require you to really dig in to realize the depths of your words.


    1. Thank you daodeqi, sometimes one needs to be challenged. Thank also for all of your resent visits. I hadn’t see any post or visits from you for a while and I was a little concerned. Hope to see some of your post soon.🌹😘


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