29 thoughts on “One Hour More

      1. Freak means the people who are not supposed to stay on this earth anymore….who are just ruining others life, destroying peace, doing wrong deeds…..they are freaks.

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    1. Another hour to love what you are? Thank you visiting. I haven’t been seeing your posts lately, have you been posting? I changed the email on my account and I noticed that some blogs I follow are not showing.

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      1. I lost a friend last week. She was only 33. She knew she was dying. She thought at least three months but it happened sooner. We were in a watercolor painting class together and she painted right up until the end. And taught me something about calligraphy. I will miss her kind soul, but her energy and kindness survive.


      2. The loss of a dear one will always bring pain but with that pain comes heartfelt appreciation. They have given a gift that only they could give, their love. It is the missing of her soul that will keep her always in your heart.

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  1. I would love and send love and let other know how loved they are and will be, whether I am there in physical presence or not. Oh, and maybe spend a moment or two on practical things. Like chocolate. …


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