The Path


In trying to find the path through life some choose knowledge of the stars, some choose religious doctrine, others a combination of many sources and some choose silence. It is not in the choice but the choosing that you will find your path.


mr mel

17 thoughts on “The Path

  1. Clear message got from this post, when we chose, it means we know what we need, and if we know what we need, it means we can define us where and what want to be. It is common share, great! Mr Mel👍

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  2. I’m really struggling on this one. The difference is between choice a noun and choosing a verb. Nouns are people places or things; verbs are action words. So given that … one’s path is not dependent on what the path is …the choice-… but upon actually following that path … the choosing. Am I in the ballpark here, Mel? If so, I will continue to think on this … it’s deep and yet simple at the same time. You amaze me with the brevity with which you stop me in my tracks !!

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  3. You are correct. You are also so kind in your statement regarding what I write. I do appreciate your visits and always welcome you comments. Thank you.


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