When Death is Inevitable


When death is Inevitable

 Inevitable does not mean imminent. The process of dying may take place in an instant or over a period of time.

 When the spiritual being decides and knows death is inevitable it once again separates itself from that which is human. It become detached and watches the event unfold from a distance. There is no pain or suffering just the understanding of what it is occurring.

 It is at this time that the spiritual being is now there to give assistance to others in their search for a meaning. These others could be family members or even the being that is causing the death.

 The wonder of this is to know that at death there is only a transition back to the spiritual. Knowing this allows the human/spiritual being to be detached and unconcern about death.

2 thoughts on “When Death is Inevitable

  1. I always seem to have a slightly different view on death then most. I grew up a pastors daughter- so I am somewhat numbed by it after always being around funerals. I seem to filter it differently then most. I rarely cry when someone dies a natural death and has lived a long life. I am sad- but I also believe that not only is it just part of the natural process but that those who passed are always with us in spirit. I can’t be sad about that. It just depends on the circumstances surrounding the death. I digress…Great post!


    1. Thank you Irene. This post, I feel help me better understand death. As the words were being written I came to realize death is not an isolated event. There are many party’s involved. At death the soul is no longer encumbered by the body and is now that which is, unconditional love. This is where the comforting begins. We only need to listen and be aware to experience that comforting. Because the soul is now fully aware that comforting is directed at all parties, even those who may have caused the death.

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