Death of the Desert


Saguaros that reach to touch the sky.                                                                                      Their arms defying gravity as they twist and turn.

Mesquite and Palo Verde, trees so full and vibrant,                                                              A green against the radiant background of the harsh landscape.                          Shade to some and nesting place to others,                                                                      Each give a moment’s respite from the heat of the day.

Quail, rabbit, dove, hawk, lizard, snake, mouse and coyote at one time abound,     In your desolate beauty they thrived.                      


 Washes and gullies attest to the life’s blood that is water,                                            awaiting only the rain to again flow.

 Once colorful balloons took flight, Soaring high to view your magnificence.

God saw fit to make you a wonder.                                                                                           How is that mankind ignores you?                                                                                             Your sunrises and sunsets give pleasure to the sight.                                                    How is that mankind abuses you?

They place the sign to let all know,  It becomes your headstone.                                With the blade of the dozer your death begins.                                                                     As deadly as a dagger, your heart is removed.

As flies to the wound, those who govern are drawn.
Depositing the eggs of the developer deep within.
The eggs become the maggots, efficient and complete.

It is over. Unlike the Phoenix, you will never arise.


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