The Thoughts Family



The Thoughts family history goes way back. There have been Thoughts since the beginning of time.
Probably the most notorious is Evil Thoughts. He is the troublemaker, always encouraging people to do dastardly deeds. Fortunately his older sister, Good, stays close to him to help minimizing the damage.
The most outgoing in the family where the triplets  Humorous, Hilarious and Funny Thoughts , These three traveled the world as the entertainment group, The Happy Thoughts, playing to packed houses wherever they went.
The most well known and youngest in the the Thoughts family, Random and Creative are identical twins.  Being twin they love to trade places and make people think that they are talking to the other. This sometimes  confuses people but because they are so close in appearance it is hard to tell who you are talking to. 
I want to get this posted so I will close for now. if I left out any of your favorite Thoughts I  apologize.


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