Massive, not a word to be taken lightly.

It is “big” on steroids.

The universe, now that is massive!

Containing  so much unknown. 

So much Invisible to the eye.

Beauty’s not seen, depths unmeasured.

After all this time still a mystery. 


6 thoughts on “Massive

      1. I decided that I loved your blog, so I’m reading all of them. I had to start at the beginning, obviously, (March is when I started too) So it’s going to take me a while, I’m still in your March posts. Our St. Patty’s Day posts are funny similar, I can’t wait to see your April Fool’s one. Also, you have the greatest comments. I always love seeing that school bus blogs I’m reading…. Stop: insight crossing


  1. Thank you so much. What I write is what is gifted to me and now I share that gift with you. My greatest lessons in love where given to me by the children on my bus. Insight crossing in deed.


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